An efficient workplace is a successful workplace. Many physician practices are missing out on revenue by missing potential appointments. Below are some benefits a practice receives by utilizing an easily accessible scheduling application.


Maximize your patient’s experience

When it comes to an individual’s day, a one-size-fits-all approach to communication and contact is ineffective. As humans, we are more active (a.k.a busy) than ever, which increases the chances of a scheduling conflict. When you use a scheduling application, you are empowering your patients to schedule on their own accord, relieving yourself of constant rearranging pressures.  With this freedom, you are also with the patients every step of the way from appointment scheduling to admittance. The time in between when they schedule a day to come into the office, to when they step through the front door, is a journey full of surprises, miss-happenings and changes just waiting to cause a no show. Stay on top of your clientele’s satisfaction and assure the best experience by increasing communication and appointment acceptance through effective reminders and calendar accessibility.


Maximize your staff’s experience

Phone call-based scheduling can be a very time consuming process for a practice’s staff. Larger organizations may take over a hundred appointments a day, leading to hours of time spent by a staff member that could easily be recovered through an online scheduling application. There are many times that a staff member will be on the phone with a caller or leaving a follow up message while there are others waiting to schedule. Medical facilities can’t afford to miss out on potential appointments and revenue. Automated scheduling will free up your staff’s time to focus on maintaining an orderly schedule and completing other aspects of their position to remain efficient. Business decisions can be validated and staff scheduling can be enhanced as well.


Reduce the rates of no-shows

No shows are a physician practice’s worst enemy. When a patient fails to show up to an appointment, the practice’s staff is left with a gap in their work day which can be detrimental to their revenue stream. A missed consultation can show a practice losing hundreds of dollars, but the real hit comes from the surgery that could have resulted from that potential visit. Appropriate and conveniently timed reminders to the patients, help keep their visit top of mind, and can significantly reduce the chances of a missed appointment.

The real-time factor

An appointment scheduling application for your practice allows you complete visibility over your scheduling operations- in real time. You gain complete oversight over any changes in scheduling; cancellations or rescheduling of an appointment can be seen in-app the moment they happen so you have time to actively fill the time accordingly.

Attain a competitive edge

Whether you are a small-midsize organization or a large scale physician practice, a scheduling application allows you seal the leakage of patients to the competition. A patient can schedule an appointment when they need it without the wait. Waiting rooms can maintain capacity at an efficient level. Patient wait times can be significantly reduced through a more orderly approach to scheduling.

Save money while keeping your staff and patients happy. Contact Champ IT today at or visit us at to have a look at our automated schedule offerings.