Customized Development Models

Development. Integration. Migration.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

 With expertise in over 60+ frameworks, tools and platforms


Custom built mobile applications available across a wide range of platforms on all devices.

Smart Patient Scheduling Software Designed for You

From large clinics and family practices to hospitals and physician offices – patient scheduling is an integral element of routine work for healthcare professionals. The medical office staff is responsible to schedule patients for appointments, but this administrative task can take plenty of time and effort to maintain. After all, appointments must be coordinated, and the medical support staff cannot constantly stay aware of the patients and doctor’s schedule.

Regulatory Compliance

HIPAA and GDRP Compliant! 


Security has become a critical part of everything we do. As data is processed and shared beyond the application(s), your strategy to protect it must change

Champ IT is a leading software development company specializing in custom web and app development.

Developing Custom Applications ⋅ Solving IT Challenges ⋅ Exceeding Client Expectations

Mobile app development and leveraging related technology is key to extend, expand and accelerate healthcare services; enabling the ability to provide care anywhere at any time. We collaborate with our clients to solve their development challenges and improve operations. Our expert teams possess an extensive range of specialty services that develop innovative and state-of-the-art applications that fit the needs of the healthcare, financial, agriculture, gaming, hospitality, legal, payments, retail, supply chain, telecom, and transportation industries. We specialize in consumer and enterprise applications for various platforms including Apple iOS, and Android.

The Challenge

Most businesses recognize technology and continued technology development as the #1 concern. But, custom software development expertise can be unpredictable.

This is especially true in the ever-changing market of Healthcare, Finance and Supply Chain.

There is a careful balance between capabilities of staff and the expectations of stakeholders. The focus of a team must be on continuously evolving systems, products, and applications yet there also is a drive to reduce overhead.

Internal staff can be torn away from important projects for emergency code fixes and last-minute customer requests. Talented developers well versed in your technology stack are not always easy to find.

Our Solution

We use a tried and true Global Delivery Method based on a blend of Onshore and Offshore development programs.

Champ’s software services team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your business needs.

We service:                              

  • Healthcare                    
  • Payments
  • Retail
  • Supply chain
  • Telecom and Transportation Development.
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Agriculture
  • Gaming
  • Hospitality

As an ongoing, supplemental team or project by project, Champ will provide you with the highest level of quality in development solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Hands-on experience, proven methodology, rapid design approach and deep technical expertise in mobile, web, integration and migration enables a successful result at the right time, every time.


Our Model

We have efficient and cost effective software development teams that deliver top-quality custom software development and  help move clients toward a more value-based care delivery method.

Application Services

With our extensive application development, integration and migration expertise, benefit from a more interoperable environment.


Take advantage of the explosive adoption of mobility services through fast, agile development and continued managed services to accelerate deployment.



Blending experience and user insights from healthcare subject matter experts and integrated Agile designers, we develop healthcare software applications that work for you. Our Integration professionals connect disparate systems.


Reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure and dramatically improve reliability, flexibility, and scalability through seamless integration of financial systems.


Combining individual software components into an integrated whole for workflow efficiency and effectiveness.  Experienced in multiple business sectors including finance and healthcare.